The first question which arises in the student’s mind when he/she is assigned to write a TOK essay is WHAT IS A TOK ESSAY? The answer is simple: TOK is the abbreviation for Theory of Knowledge essay. It is useless to talk about any formula of writing a good TOK essay, but the tips given can assist you a lot in writing your TOK essay.
1.Familiarize yourself with the assignment
Read attentively the assignment and try to understand what is meant. Make sure you understand the task correctly.
2.Find the knowledge issue in the Title of your TOK essays
Find the idea which carries the knowledge issue in the title. Think of debatable issues to make sure your title suggests anything controversial or problematic.
3.Brainstorm your TOK essay
In this case the following essay tips might help:

  • Find example to illustrate “controversies” and Knowledge Issues;
  • Find arguments which support both sides;
  • Evaluate these arguments.

4.Make a plan
Be laconic in formulating the plan items; try to cover all the issues of your custom essay. Plan is always an exercise for your brain, check whether it works or not. Show yourself it does. As soon as you make it you will find out you are able to make your TOK essay.
5.Write an introductory part of your TOK essays
Present the major key concepts of your essay; demonstrate the brief statement of your position.
6.Compose the body
Follow the plan you have made. Provide with the real examples, taken from the real life, newspapers, journals, magazines, etc.
7.Be ready with the conclusion of your TOK essay
TRY to avoid:

  • Dictionary definitions
  • Meaningless statements
  • Pseudo-examples
  • Citations, quotations of the outstanding philosophers

Thus, the TOK essay is the piece of work which has to be treated attentively, because it is the investigation of a person’s writing skills and thinking abilities. No matter how inexperienced you are we are always glad to make a very good and skillful writer out of you!
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