There is no certain topic in writing personal narrative essays. You may choose any topic you like and write about your own experience which took place in your life: your best birthday party, the most unlucky day of your life, the incident of being cheated on by anybody.
To write a good personal narrative essay you should first organize your thoughts and think about the case you would like to tell about. It would be better you talk about the brightest story in your personal narrative essay in order to attract attention of the reader and keep it all over the story if you want to make an impression on him/her.
The structure of personal narrative essays as well as the structure of any other custom essay should consist of the 3 main parts:

  1. The introductory part;
  2. The body;
  3. Conclusion.

The introduction of your personal narrative essay is perhaps the most complicated and difficult task to do because you should present it so that the audience would get interested in what they are about to read. You should call for your responsibility character features while writing the introductory part of your personal narrative essay because having a good skilful introduction will indicate you as a competent writer.
The main body of your personal narrative essay should be full of exciting accidents, examples and scenes taken from your personal life experience. Use humour for making an impression on the reader, but at the same time, remember that it should correspond to the key you are using- either it is dramatic, or ironical, or, perhaps, you prefer satire.
The conclusion should be made at the end of your personal narrative essay. Share the lesson you have withdrawn from this or that incident and what conclusion you have come to. You may also resort to using a proverb to complete writing your personal narrative essay.
It is strongly recommended to find creative approaches while writing your personal narrative essay. A bright example which occurred in reality is a good possibility for you to make an impression on the reader and get a higher grade for your personal narrative essay.
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