Cause and effect essays are aimed at discussing why things happen and what consequences they have. This type of custom essay tends to be one of the most common in a Composition course. The purpose of cause and effect essays is to be as persuasive as possible, and to make readers accept the cause/effect interconnection as conceivable.
To write a successful cause and effect essay you should:

  1. discriminate between causes and effects (for this ask yourself such questions: “Why did it happen?” and “What results will it have?” )
  2. ensure the accuracy of cause and effect relationships
  3. demonstrate cause and effect relationships graphically for you to have a general idea of what you are going to talk about
  4. define what you are going to discuss: causes, effects or both
  5. develop your thesis statement where you introduce your main ideafind and arrange supporting arguments in one of the following way:

  • chronological order
  • reverse chronological order
  • order of importance
  • categorical order
  • write well-developed paragraphs
  • join sentences and paragraphs within the text using the following links:

For causes: because of, owing to, due to, since, as, for, if… then, leads to, etc.
For effects: consequently, therefore, as a result, thus, in such a way, etc.

  • write in the third person
  • write in a reasonable tone, be factual and believable
  • give a thorough background for your analysis
  • use factual sources to give convincing arguments

While checking your cause and effect essay your professor will pay his special attention to the following:

  • appropriate title
  • a concise thesis statement in the introductory paragraphs
  • sufficiency and accuracy of the evidence
  • a proper referencing
  • acts and details adequately establish cause and effect relations
  • the main body clearly supports the thesis statement
  • appropriate links are used
  • conclusion restates the main ideas of the essay
  • the writer’s message is clear to the reader

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