It is no secret that sometimes when creating a character a lot of you make mistakes. It happens because some practice is required along with professional secrets. Here are some tips on how to make your character look believable:

  1. Pay attention to the setting. Think about the real life. The setting always influences the character and his actions. A lot of book plots are built on a so-called “setting tragedy”, where an individual is stuck in his environment looking for the way out. If you want to sound realistic, investigate life from its habitual side.
  2. Tell about the childhood. There is no need to say that from the way we grow our characters develop positively or negatively. A lot of your character’s actions can be referred back to childhood, but everything has to be connected.
  3. Give light on your character’s goals and motivations. Is there a dream the character is longing to fulfill? Does he struggle with difficulties along the way? A goal can become the plot of the book itself, and the way to it can unfold into a fascinating story. Motivations, on the other hand, can settle a good background, if they are explained. Sometimes motivations can be connected with character’s childhood.
  4. How old is your character? Is he still a child, or his life is about to end? Remember that any category is interesting enough to investigate. Dickens performed great job on studying children’s characters, while the topic of old people was developed successfully by other prominent writers. You can read them as a study material. Just remember to fit your writing to the epoch you are living in.
  5. What are the conflicts and challenges your character has to go through? How do they change and shape his beliefs and motivations? Is there a conflict between your hero and the society that he lives in? Is he looking for a tragic or comic way out?
  6. The name can matter sometimes. When writing, remember about nationality and typical names that will oblige you to stick to specific reality.
  7. What are the character’s relationships with the outer world? You can tell a story of his family and friends, problems he is dealing with to be more or less sociable.

These are the basic issues connected with making up a character. Some of them you will stress, some only mention, but all of the above has to be in your essay writing.
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