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Movie Critique Writing: Essential Elements of the Paper

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Cinematography is a specific sphere of expression of human ideas and emotions. This industry presupposes combination of skills and devices, professionalism and improvisation, talent and cooperation.

Movie critique is the evaluation of the effectiveness of the cooperation and its result. Movie critique does not have to be the flow of negative emotions and words. This paper should consider the value of a specific movie taking into consideration the entire world of cinematography.

Structure of the movie critique:

  1. Introduction. Make the readers want to see the movie or persuade them not to do this. You can do it! Attract their attention with a thought-provoking question. Introduce the movie you are going to present.
  2. The next step in writing a movie critique is not creating a summary. You should focus on a specific problem. Discuss the special sound and video effects, structure and the plot of the story. Analyze the mistakes of movie making, dialogues and scenes, original idea and effectiveness of its presentation. Thus, in order to write a movie critique you have to:
  • Watch the film;
  • Take notes;
  • Make emphasis on a specific idea;
  • Develop your idea;
  • Support the idea and the following arguments with the facts from the movie.

Structure your movie critique according to the scheme:

  1. Introduction. Attention catching phrase. Question that will be answered in the body of the movie critique.
  2. Body.

Argument One.

  • Support One.
  • Support Two.

Argument Two.

  • Support One.
  • Support Two.
  1. Conclusion.

Movie critique should contain your thoughts, whereas it is not supposed to contain your personal impression of the movie. Movie critique should not give the full summary of the story instead of analyzing the problems and providing examples from the movie.

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