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Descriptive Essay Writing: A Vivid Appeal to Senses

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When writing a descriptive essay, you are typically required to provide a detailed multifaceted description. The choice of object for description may range from person or event, to building or place, to a broad topic. In any case, when writing a descriptive essay you should provide a comprehensive picture of its object by appealing to all the five senses. Read on and find out how to handle writing your descriptive essay efficiently.

Descriptive Essay Writing: Issues to Relate

Typically, your task when writing a descriptive essay will be in this or that way connected with relating the following possible issues:

    1. What is the reason for your describing of exactly this object?
    2. What are its outward and inward characteristics?
    3. How did you relate to it at the time of your experience?
    4. What associations does this object stir in you?
    5. How did you feel about what you are describing then?
    6. How do you feel about what you are describing now?

      Descriptive Essay Writing: Techniques to Consider

      Before writing your descriptive essay, get acquainted with the following advice and choose the most appropriate for the purposes of your essay:

      1. Show rather than tell: dry facts are of no interest to your reader; make them vivid and living;
      2. Employ diverse descriptive language but do not overfill your writing with metaphors, similes, and other literary devices;
      3. Use both concrete and abstract images to increase the impression.

      Descriptive Essay Writing: Organizing the Paper

      Having completed the background work for your essay, set down to writing your descriptive essay according to the following scheme:

        1. Introduction: intrigue the reader by some interesting information on about the object of depiction; state the object of description in a thesis sentence;
        2. Body: write separate paragraphs, each discussing one idea at a time; use examples and details;
        3. Conclusion: generally summarize what you have said in your essay and conclude with the significance of the object described.
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